How to hire the best Freelance Web Designer

16th February 2019 | 3 Minutes

If you want your online presence to be a success, then hiring the right web designer is essential.

Having a website in this new digital age is essential. The internet provides huge opportunites to expand and reach new potential customers. That huge potential also breeds huge competition – competition that you want to beat. So how do you fend off the competition and craft your own little corner from which to make a living?

You do so by having a website that not only looks professional and eye-catching – but one that funtions well and helps you convert. What use is a stunning website if it does nothing for your business? By hiring the right Freelance Web Designer, you can accomplish all of these things. Here’s a handy list of the few things you should look out for when deciding who to hire.

Are they credible?

As with any industry, ensuring they have a body of work behind them is highly important. Proving they have actually completed work in the past, with a varied range of clients, will certainly help to solidify their credibility. Unfortunately, anybody can claim to be a ‘web designer’ – thanks to the abundance of one-click install themes for various Content Managment Systems.

Do they have a passion for the industry?

People rarely get into Web Design because they feel like they need to. Most people will find a love the trade and decide to persue it as a career. Regardless – you can still ensure a quality final product, but having someone who loves what they do will help to ease your mind, and you’ll often get that extra dose of TLC. Any project that I partake in is always something I’m passionate about and something I know I can do an amazing job with.

Can you afford them?

As I stated previously, anyone can claim to be a Web Designer thanks to one-click install themes – meaning they can set up shop in their parents basement and charge £100 for a ‘5 Page Website’. 90% of the time you’ll end up with a premium theme, but that may suit you as you may not have a sizable budget. Prices can vary hugely, so make sure you do your research and be sensible when choosing who you hire.

Web knowledge?

This may seem like an obvious one, but it can be an easy way to seperate the frauds from the real deals. Does the web designer have real knowledge of designing for the web? Are the sites designed good for both mobiles and desktops? Are they good for accessibility? These are all questions that should be asked when considering a web designer in Grantham.

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