Ready… Set… LAUNCH!

3rd February 2019 | 2 Minutes

Check out my brand new redesign!

If you’re reading this blog post then the chances are you’ve noticed something is a little different – I’ve given my website a massive overhaul! I spent most of my Christmas break doing the one thing you’re not supposed to do whilst recharging your batteries before starting work again – even more work!

I enjoyed the sleek and simplistic design of my previous website but it just wasn’t, me. I wanted to add some personality to my new design, something a client will remember once they’ve visited. Something that will draw the eye and keep people intrigued. Something that would showcase my creative flair and give anyone who landed on my site an instant idea of what I’m capable of. Most importantly, though – it needed to be something I was proud to show off to the world. I believe I have achieved just that!

So, if you’re in need of a creative, passion-driven, hard-working Freelance Web Designer and/or Developer, you’re in the perfect place! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let me help propel your business to the stars!

Until next time.

Cj Brown,

Web Design in Lincoln, Nottingham and Grantham.

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