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01. The Brief

This was one of the more complicated website projects I’ve taken on. The brief was simple, but the task was not. The client wanted me to design and build a fully functional deals website. They needed the UX to be clean and straight-forward and the back-end to be user-friendly and quick to update.

02. Services I provided

For this project I wireframed, designed and built a full deals/bargain website. The site was integrated into WordPress using a bespoke theme developed by myself. The theme was built totally from the ground up, specifically for this website.

UX Design | Development | CMS Integration | Bespoke Theme

03. The Result

The resulting website is one my best to date. The UX is clean and fluid, enabling the user to seamless journey through each section of the website. Strategically placed call to actions keep the user interested and engaged. The website was built mobile-first with SEO best practises at it’s core.

Clean and functional UX

Pushing my skills to the limit

Taking on this project helped push both my creative and logical skills to the limit. I had to adopt an enire new design strategy to ensure the best possible User Experience was achieved. Development was also tough, pushing my understand of WordPress to new levels. It was a true test of my abilities and I could not be prouder of the result.

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