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Bespoke, hand-crafted websites based in Derby. I create truly unique digital experiences for my clients in and around Derby. If you’re starting from scratch, or looking for a revamp – I can help. Get in touch today and let me help your business grow.


Digitial services tailored to your business

Hi, I’m Cj – a Front-End Developer & Designer. I’m currently working full time at an incredible full-service agency. However, my passion for the industry has pushed me to offer my services to my local area.

Read about the services I offer my clients in and around Derby. I take pride in my work and put every ounce of my passion and commitment into the work I produce, stopping at nothing to ensure you are truly happy with the final outcome. Wether that be a new website design, custom development or digital marketing, I can help.

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My Process

Together, we'll create something to be proud of

Getting to know you

I start every new project by getting to know you and your business. Understanding what it is that makes you shine is a key factor in helping you stand out in the digital ocean.


Competitor research

As well as getting to know your business, I also take a dive into your competitors. Understanding what they do, both good and bad, will help keep you on the front foot.


Let's get to work!

I work in a very open and collaborative way. Having you involved in every step of the process is vitally important for achieving the greatest outcome. I know all about websites, but only you know your business.


Long-lasting partnerships

Putting your website live should never be the end of the journey. Creating long-lasting relationships is something I always strive for. A website should be ever-evolving, continuously developing and improving.


Case Studies

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Designing websites is my passion. I aim to deliver nothing but the best for my clients. Don’t just take my word for it, view a selection of my latest work and see how we can work together to help improve your digital presence.

Bespoke designs

Beautifully hand-crafted digital experiences

My expertise in all areas of Web Design means I’m able to cater for start-up businesses as well as established brands. Working closely with you, I’ll help to locate weak-points in your current website, overcome hurdles and craft you a website that does more than just look good – I create websites that strike that perfect balance of creativity and functionality. Whether you’re starting with nothing or looking for a revamp, I can help your business flourish in the digital world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web design FAQs

How much will a new website cost me?


This is (understandably) the most asked question when it comes to having a new website designed and/or built. The simple answer to this question is, how long is a piece of string? There are many different variables that could decide how much your new website will cost. The functionality, the time frame, do you need just a design? Development only? All of these factors contribute to the potential price of a website. For an accurate price, I encourage you to get in touch with me and let me help understand the needs of your new website.

How long does it take to design and build a new website?


This is another question that entirely depends on many different contributing factors. However, I do often provide general project times for my clients to help encourage us both to aim for a deadline. Most commonly I experience lead times of between 6 - 12 weeks, start to finish. This allows plenty of time for the design stage, development and testing. Depending on the circumstances, projects can take more or less than the aforementioned duration.

Why should I hire a freelancer to build my new website?


Often, I am asked the difference between hiring a Freelancer vs hiring an Agency to take on a web project. The biggest reason I can give is the cost. Freelancers often have very little overheads in comparison, the beauty of working for ourselves means we need very little to operate. Another big reason is communication. You will always have direct contact with the freelancer and only ever one point of contact. No being passed from person to person. This allows a personal relationship to be formed and often results in better working relationships. The byproduct of a good working relationship? A better end product.

Do I need to pay you to make changes to my new website?


The good news is, no! You don’t need to pay me for ongoing changes. I build all of my websites into Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Craft. This puts you in direct control of editing and managing your new websites content. Full training is provided to ensure you are fully set up for success. Some clients however, don’t have the time or willingness to learn how to manage their new website, so I do offer maintenance packages to look after your website for you. Get in touch with me to find out more.